Lemon Blue

Artist / Illustrator / Content Creator

BFA Illustrator and Sequential Artist, Lemon work predominately digitally creating a multitude of individual and unique characters and environments to populate the many worlds of his creation Inspired by anything of galactic proportions to small rural cities to remote forests, he creates worlds that are reminiscent of the world we know, and relate to some issues today, but are still distinct and detached. From remote locations (currently Port Huron, MI), he continues to produce many more worlds to explore, and writes the stories within them. He is currently working on a few webcomics, a few to be announced, as well as a video game.
He got his Bachelors in Fine Arts, with an Emphasis in Illustration in 2016, from Grand Valley State University. During which Lemon participated in several Fine Arts shows, had pieces purchased for collections, and studied in a variety of works. Since which he’s been working on various projects that he can’t wait to show. He is available for commission and contract work, just simply email him.